On This Day, 4/25/1976 – Rick Monday Saves U.S. Flag”

Rick Monday, playing Center Field at the time for the Chicago Cubs, rescues the U.S. Flag from an attempted burning by 2 protesters.  Monday, also a former U.S. Marine… ” I saw too many die for that flag… ”  Monday would eventually end up with the Dodgers the following year to 1984 and would finish his career here.  Of course we all remember Monday for one more huge moment in Dodgers history. 


Me with Rick Monday, March 29, 2008 at the L.A. Coliseum before the Dodgers exhibition game against the Red Sox.  I also came across his path in April 2001 on the 25th anniversary of the flag being saved.  To this day people still wish him a Happy Anniversary….


One thought on “On This Day, 4/25/1976 – Rick Monday Saves U.S. Flag””

  1. Reblogged this on It's Always A Good Dre in L.A. and commented:

    Good evening ? Quite a performance by Zack Greinke tonight, coming within 2 outs of a complete game as the Blue, also powered by solo shots from Hanley and Puig take the first of 3 against the Cubs. OK, here’s a past blog, reblogged. With Rick Monday bobblehead night tomorrow, it somewhat surprises me that a good number of Dodgers fans don’t know why Monday is donning a Cubs uniform. Yes, I understand that it’s mainly the baby boomer Dodger fans but still I would think that a moment like this would be etched in the minds of a lot of baseball fans. So, here’s a history lesson on why Monday is donning the Cubbie Blue instead of the Dodger Blue….


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