For You Dodger Fans and Foodies in SF This Weekend


I highly recommend you check out Ike’s Place over at 3489 16th St in the Castro district.  His sandwiches are soooo goooood that people have actually lined up for up to 2 hours for his sandwiches, much to the dismay of some of his neighbors.  Here I have my usual Jerry’s Big Meat with a pink lemonade and root beer.  The Jerry’s Big Meat, for whatever reason is no longer on the menu but you can still order it as an off the menu item.  What’s in that behemoth ?  Turkey, roast beef, pastrami, ham, salami, jack cheese, and his oh soooo addicting dirty sauce.  Get it with the dutch crunch bread.    FYI, a lot of his sandwiches are named after local streets, celebreties, and athletes and so popular is his shop that he will be opening one in Westwood soon.  He does intend to keep the Matt Cain on the menu down here so for you Dodger fans up there if you should run into him you gotta convince him to put a Matt Kemp when he opens shop here in L.A.   ( I’m still having a hard time so we need more support…. 🙂   )


Giving my sammie a touch of Blue….  Speaking of Blue, don’t be surprised if you’re amongst good company amongst other Dodger Blue clad fans at Ike’s .  His shop tends to get a lot of blue during the Dodgers series ( Much to his delight….hehehe )


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