Sunday InstaPics From The Ravine to Chinatown…5/26?2013


Dodgers vs, Cardinals.  This weekends featured food item, The St. Louis Dog.  This Super Dodger Dog layered with lots of tangy BBQ sauce, St. Louis style pulled pork and fried onion strings.    If only I was able to taste whatever amount of pork there was hidden in all that bbq sauce….


Outside the gates of Chinatown after another tough loss as the Blue loses 2 of 3 to the Cardinals, as Kershaw takes the loss, allowing 4 runs in 7 innings.  ( Cy K can’t win them all now, as much as we all would like to believe that…. )  .  Also of note, Matt Kemp was not in today’s starting lineup but did make a pinch hitting appearance in the home 8th and one out, grounding into an inning ending double play, to the dismay of the 43,000 faithful.  ( And the frustration continues to build up amongst the loyal followers of The Blue… )

Also of note…. 9 more runners left on base today, including a bases loaded opportunity in the 7th inning with one out and A.J. Ellis and Skip Schumacher, starting at center in place of Matt, both striking out.  And so it continues….

Next up… The Angels for 4, 2 here, and the final 2 in Anaheim.  The Angels, winners of 8 in a row.  And so we continue to wait to break out of the storm.  So, Dodgers fans, how is your patience holding up ?  (  The life of a Dodger fan.  So painful, yet, Forever Dodger Blue…. )


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