Freeway Series, Allegiances Divided

Game 3 of 4 with the Halo’s continues tonight, with these remaining 2 games down I-5, hence the nickname Freeway Series.  The Dodgers have taken the first two games of this Freeway Series, overcoming a 5 run deficit in the first game and coming back strong last night 3-0 behind a 2 hit complete game shutout behind Hyun-Jin Ryu, powered by a 2 run home run by Luis Cruz.  Chris Capuano gets the start for the Blue tonight against Angels ace Jarred Weaver, making his first start in over a month after a stint on the DL.  Prior to this series, the Angels we’re on an 8 gamr winning streak before the Blue to that to a halt Monday night.  Otherwise, it’s been a struggle for both teams this year with talk ( And it’s been just that, talk…. )of both Scioscia and Mattingly in jeopardy of losing their jobs…..


Oh well, no one’s perfect, we can’t always agree on everything, but I still love you Sylvia…..


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