Flashback Friday !!!!!


Kickin’ it with former Dodgers outfielder and current Padres 1B coach Dave Roberts.  Of course he will always be remembered for the stolen base in the 2004 ALCS…..

Ok, there’s no way around it.  This season has been frustrating, to say the least.  And in spite of the lackluster play we’ve seen all year, The Blue finds itself only 8.5 games behind, albeit in the cellar.  I keep telling myself when are we going to get untracked.  Well, we get Kershaw on the mound tonight.  Kershaw has been anything but short of brilliant this year, however, I’m starting to feel he may be the first Cy Young Award winner this season with only 10 wins. That is of course our offense and blowpen, I mean bullpen finds a way to figure it out….

Oh, you didn’t think i’d forget mentioning Yasiel Puig did you ?  Only  played 16 games and he leads the team in pretty much every offensive category.  OK, it just seems he does.  Why the Blue hasn’t thrived off the energy this kid brings, who knows.

So, when Kemp and Crawford do come back, we’ll have 4 outfielders.  The consensus amongst many of you is that Ethier would be that odd man.  However, what may be overlooked is that of all the starting outfield Dre has not seen any time on the DL this year.  Also going back to last year of the three Opening Day outfielders Andre has not seen as much time on the DL as opposed to Matt and Carl.  An arguement could be made that of the 3 Opening Day starting outfielders Andre, who also has looked comfortable in CF recently, is the most durable.  Plus he’s been swinging the bat well as of late.  So again, who, or will there be an odd man out when Kemp and Crawford return ? 

And those are my Friday thoughts on this first day of summer.  Have a great weekend everyone.  GO DODGERS !!!!


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