Dre’s Random Thought’s for 7/10/2013

Has it really been 10 days since our Boys in Blue we’re 9.5 games out of first place.  In that span the Dodgers have won 14 of 17, gained 7 games in the standings and currently stand alone in 2nd place behind the DBacks with an opportunity to sweep them in the desert tonight as Hyun-Jin Ryu takes the mound for the Blue.  Of course it has also helped that every one else in the NL West has done their part by losing as well, but now it’s up to the Blue to keep this hot streak going beyond the All-Star break with 4 left this weekend at The Ravine against the Rockies. 

Of course we all know about the huge contributions that rookie sensation Yasiel Puig has been making to this ballclub ever since his arrival.  In spite of his infectious influence and his off-the-chart numbers, he still has some doubters around the league so to say.  OK, maybe not doubters, but those who still feel that he should not be in the all-star game being that he has only been in the league one month.  Those like Jonathan Paplebon, Bruce Bochy and now most recently Mike Scioscia voicing their opinions.  Personally, I can see the debate over why Puig should be in the all-star game.  But at the same time, since the fan’s get to choose, and should he be written in, Bochy would have no choice but to give him a spot on the NL roster.  Good luck to Yasiel, and CONGRATS on being named NL Player of the Month for June !!!! And remember , you have a little over 24 hours to vote the Cuban Missile into the All-Star game !!!!


Quitely under the Puiggy radar are the number’s that HanRam has put up as well since his return from the DL.  OK, HanRam’s off the chart numbers may not have been so quiet.  But let’s not also forget Kershaw’s continued success, including most recently hismasterful complete game shutout in Coors Field against the Rockies and his usual stellar performance against the suddenly reeling Giants.  As for  Etheir ?  Ethier has also proved he can play all 3 outfield positions.  So much for all the trade talk about Dre.  Perhaps Mattingly knew what he was doing when he benched Andre a little more than a month ago in Milwaukee, an incident that seems to be all but forgotten at this point.  Amazing how winning can cure a lot of ill feelings.  Oh yeah, i’ll bet many of you don’t know that Andre has gotten his average up to .272 …..


For those of you who have had a chance, you may have noticed since last season the Dodgers have been serving ” Specialty Dogs ” based on that series opponent.  So far , I’ve had the opportunity to try the St. Louis Dog ( Cardinals ) and the Philly Cheesesteak Dog ( Phillies )  .  Here are my reviews….


The St. Louis Dog.  A super dog piled with BBQ Sauce and pulled pork and fried onion strings.  Could have used more pulled pork.  I tasted more of the sauce then I did the pork and onion rings….


The Philly Dog.  This one was a lot better !!!  Grilled rib-eye smothered with Cheese Whiz and sauteed onions….Mmmmmmmm !!!! 

So, I wonder if the Dodgers will be serving up Cincinatti Style Dodger Dogs when the Reds come to town later this month ?  Cincinatti Style chili on top of the Super Dog anyone ? 

Sounds From The Yard….

It’s been awhile since i’ve done it, but here a 3 clips from the last homestand against the Phillies…

Dre Calling the Action for Dre, 6/27/2013, Home 1st.  Does Dre get it right for Dre ?


Dre at the Plate, Home 1st, 6/27/6013 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

Home 7th, bases loaded, and The Rookie Sensation at the plate.  Does Dre get it right ?  Is Dre aided be a ” rally fry ” ?


Yasiel Up, Bases Loaded, Home 7th, 2 Outs… from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

And last but not least, The Rookie Sensation has a chance at the cycle.  Does he come through ?  6/30/2013 vs Phillies


Puig Going for the Cycle, 6/30/2013 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

Great times at the ballpark !!!  Let’s hope the Blue can keep it going in the 2nd half !!!  GO DODGERS !!!!


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