Dre’s Friday Thoughts 7/19/2013

Tonight begins the 2nd half of the season, with newly the newly acquired Ricky Nolasco to get the nod tonight against the Nationals Stephen Strasburg.  In spite of a rough 1st half that did end on a high note, many are expecting the Dodgers to continue on their hot streak in the 2nd half and perhaps still run away with the NL West.  I don’t see why they shouldn’t, win the NL West if not run away with it.  So long as the core of the team can remain healthy in the 2nd half we should be ok……  Heck, Richard Justice has even gone to great lenghts to predict a Dodgers-Rays World Series….


Food For Thought

This past week the good folks over at the MLBlogs home page ( http://mlb.com/blogs/ ) asked the fans to share their ballpark dining experiences and post their pictures, so I was more than happy to submit a couple of specialty Dodger Dogs that we’re featured, one of them a St. Louis Dog ( Cardinals ) and one a Philly Cheesteak Dog ( Phillies ) . Going back to last season the Dodgers have served their specialty dogs at the Loaded Dog stand themed to certain opponents for that series. While they have not done this for every team, here’s hoping that eventually they will feature other “dogs” as well, like let’s say, a Cincinatti Dog when the Reds are in town, topped with Cincinattie Style Chili, or a Georgia Dog with the Braves, topped with sauteed onions and cole slaw…


Speaking of good eats, I’ve decided to feature some places outside the yard from throughout Cali that i’ve had the chance to dine at either before or after a game. Ready for a little food porn ? Ok, here goes….

Oh yeah, I have to satisfy my sweet tooth as well….

One More of Dre’s Ballpark Sounds From the 1st Half

OK now, fot those of you who have been paying attention, I’ve posted a few personal media clips here during the 1st half of the season and i’ve had a great time doing them. Here is one of my favorite clips from the 1st half from Sunday May 26th. It was the home 8th, Dodgers down 4-3, and they are still struggling 2 months into the season. Matt Kemp is called upon to pinch hit, but the end result was not a happy one, much to the dismay of the Dodger Faithful. Oh yeah, during the call, I lost track of how many outs, the audio was bad to say the least, and to highlight everyone’s frustration, JDoza and I have a somewhat war of words….

Rally Time From the Top Deck…5/26/2013 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

I can only imagine stuff like this happens in a broadcast booth in between innings as well. Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering why I mentioned the Mendoza Line, yes, it was a reference to Mario Mendoza who i’m sure many of you baseball fans know about. My buddy there also happens to be a Mendoza as well and I remember kidding him a while back that he was supposed to raise the bar on the Mendoza line. Well, any J, you did say that the Blue would snap out of it after the All-Star break. Well, it’s after the All-Star break, and it seems that The Blue has snapped out of it earlier than that. As for any more “jinxes” , we’ll keep that between us… For now…LOL. Oh yeah, a some other thoughts…. Even though Matt Kemp has struggled, the Blue is still going to need him to step up come the 2nd half, especially if teams start to pitch around HanRam and adjust to Puig. Dre here thinks we see not only the Bison of 2011 come the 2nd half, but that both The Bison and Ethier, whom many of you wanted traded just a few weeks ago, will still have a huge impact as to how far the Dodgers go into October. One last thought, I said it just recently, I’ll say it again. 91 wins for a NL West title. So, that would mean the Blue would have to go 44-24 the rest of the way. Hey, the finished the first half on a roll. If healthy and The Bison returns to form, and the pitching continues to deliver, we just may be seeing some Dodger baseball deep into October….OK, enough from me. It’s almost gametime !!! 2nd half and the Road to October starts now ….. GO DODGERS !!!!


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