Dre’s Tuesday Thoughts for 8/13/2013….


Never to old for some cotton candy at the ballpark are we ?  Dodger fan and frequent Venice beach performer Marlon Brandorena showing everyone how the ballpark, and even the presence of cotton candy, can bring the kid out of everyone…..

OK, my number of views has taken a slight bump in numbers the last 48 hours due in part to some of you doing a search on Nick Punto’s current walk up song, Miley Cyrus ,  We Can’t Stop.  It also helps that I put up a clip back in May when The Shredder had Linkin Park’s Burn It Down as his at bat tune.  Yeah, from Linkin Park to Miley Cyrus….  But hey, Punto has been on a roll since going with this Miley Cyrus tune, even smashing a solo shot to the Mets bullpen last night ao hey, whatever works right ?…….

And finally, since the all-star break the Dodgers are an astounding 21-3 , including a 10-3 mark against the Reds, Yankees, Cardinals and Rays !!!  Hyun-Jin Ryu toes the rubber for the Blue tonight as they try to make it 7 in a row.  It sure has been a lot of fun lately hasn’t it ?


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