Dre’s Bits , Thursday 8/15/2013

For those of you who still can’t get enough from last night….


I know it’s only August but it’s almost to the point now that no matter what obstacle the Blue must overcome it’s to the point where it’s become expected.   Dodger Stadium truly has become a Magic Castle, hasn’t it ?

OK, after the all-star game I said that the Dodgers would go 44-24 in the 2nd half and win the NL West. Well, they have gone an astonishing 23-3 since, including 3 wins where they rallied from 4 or more.runs down and 6 of them in their final at-bat. Talk about coming through in the clutch !!!! So, do I still think the Dodgers finish with an overall record of 91-71 ? All they would have to do is olay .500 ball the rest of the way to accomplish that. Somehow, I don’t see the Dodgers taking the foot off the pedal. My only concern though, as a fan amidst all this excitement, is that they don’t cool down come October. Their play right now is off the charts, but October is still a long ways to go. Speaking of October…..


Some pics of my lil’ sis at her first ballgame in ’98 and a more recent pic from that other yard up north back in ’09. Lil’ sis, Sarah, was born in 1989, yup, one year after our last World Series title. And like many of you young Dodger fans ( I can’t believe I said that….), it is not lost on her mind that she has not experienced a World Series title in her lifetime…..YET !!! It’s been 25 years, it’s time !!!! It’s also time for a new generation of Dodgers fans to finally know the feeling of a World Series title. In the 25 years since, the Lakers have brought us 5 titles and heck, even the Kings have brought us a Stanley Cup. Yeah, I know it’s only August, but i’m gonna say it…. IT’S TIME !!!! ……

And my InstaPic for the night…..


Now I know many of you have taken pics of your hats when seeing The Blue on the road. If online photo sites and we’re more readily available as well as instant downloading and hashtagging before lets say, 2005, oh the places and landmarks I could have taken pics of good old Blue….. Anyways, I’ve taken pics of Blue in various places in L.A. and when I do eventually get back on the road and re-join the “#LATakeover “, I will be more than sure to snap pics of Blue on the road as well. But in the meantime, since Blue does make it’s home here in L.A., tonight I feature this pic taken down the street from it’s home over at Echo Park Lake , taken a few weeks ago. Echo Park Lake had been closed recently for some major cleanup and has since recently re-opened. So it’s only appropriate that Blue pay a visit to it’s newly re-furbished neighbor down the street. Plus, a good part of my childhood was also spent their, especially on the peddle boats….. So, that’s my featured InstaPic of Blue for tonight. Where in L.A. does Blue appear next ? Oh yeah, you can follow me on Instagram @Good_Drei.

The ride has been fun !!! Next stop…. Philadelphia. Let’s keep this ride on the Dodger Blue Magic Carpet going !!!!!


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