Today’s Magic Number Fun Fact and We Can’t Stop….

Good Morning all !!!  Last night’s game went by pretty quick with both the Red Sox and Dodgers combining for a total of 5 hits as Ricky Nolasco pitched a strong 8 shutout innings , getting all the run support he would need on a 2 run homer from Hanley Ramirez, the only blemish on the part of Red Sox pitcher and former Angel John Lackey as the Blue held off the Red Sox, 2-0, in a matchup some or.perhaps many feel could be a World Series matchup.  Last night’s win, coupled with the DBacks loss, not only pushes the NL West deficit to 10.5 gamea but also reduces our Magic Number to win the west down to 24….


Todays magic number fun fact.  24 .  24 was the number worn by former Dodger manager Walter Alston, who managed the Blue from 1954-1976, leading them to 7 World Series appearances and 3 World Championships, including a sweep of the New York Yankees in 1963…..


It really has been a Magical Season to this point, hasn’t it ?  The work above is from fellow Dodger fan and Instagram follower Daadozer.  And speaking of our Magic Castle….


The Viejo is back !!!  It’s Marlon BrandoReno playing with a big toy inside our newly dubbed Magic Castle, which is proof that the ballpark , or in this case also, The Magic Castle, really can bring the kid out in all of us.  And last but not least….

Hey, Nick Punto has really stepped up his game since he went with this Miley Cyrus tune for his at-bat tune.  So hey, whatever works.  Plus the title does seem appropriate.  That’s right….  We Can’t Stop and We Won’t Stop !!!!


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