Some Final Regular Season Thoughts

The long marathon, aka the regular season, 162 games worth, comes to an end tomorrow with the Dodgers cruising into October as The Blue will crosses the finish line as NL West Champions for the first time since 2009.  Where the Dodgers will open this Thursday , it appears we will not know until tomorrow, be it in St. Louis or Atlanta.   At this point, I wouldn’t really give much thought into where the Dodgers start next Thursday so long as our regulars are rested and ready to go.  And with the likelihood of Kershaw and Greinke starting Games 1 and 2, I still like our chances, be it we begin in the Show Me State, or the Peach Tree State.

Bringing Out the Worst in Fan Behavior…. AGAIN !!!!

Once again, another senseless act of violence has put another black eye amongst the fans in the Dodgers/Giants rivalry. As many of you know by now, Jonathan Denver, the son of a Dodger Stadium security guard, was stabbed to death in a bar nearby AT&T Park during an altercation with a couple other Giants fans, marking the 3rd reported act of violence in the last 10 years and the 2nd death as well. Folks, this is a great rivalry, I hate the Giants just as much, and I enjoy some good natured trash talk amongst friends and other fans, but hey, IT’S JUST A GAME !!!! When we say TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME, that doesn’t mean you should fear for your lives because of our difference of opinions on who we cheer for…..


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Braves or Cardinals ? A Lot of October History with these 2….

And finally, a brief visual history of our potential opponents, with both the Braves and Cards sporting a rich history of October moments. Here are a couple of pics I snapped from their Hall Of Fame museums in 2005 and 2007. And now, we just sit and wait….

The first 3 of their 14 consecutive divison titles we’re when they we’re still part of the NL West….

2 more World Series titles have been added by the Red Birds since I took a shot of this, bringing their total to 13, the 2nd most in baseball only behind, well, you know….



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