Limping Into The Post Season…..

But first….

” Dre here thinks we see not only the Bison of 2011 come the 2nd half, but that both The Bison and Ethier, whom many of you wanted traded just a few weeks ago, will still have a huge impact as to how far the Dodgers go into October. One last thought, I said it just recently, I’ll say it again. 91 wins for a NL West title. So, that would mean the Blue would have to go 44-24 the rest of the way. Hey, the finished the first half on a roll. If healthy and The Bison returns to form, and the pitching continues to deliver, we just may be seeing some Dodger baseball deep into October….OK, enough from me. It’s almost gametime !!! 2nd half and the Road to October starts now ….. GO DODGERS !!!! “

My words right after the all-star break….

So we didn’t see the Bison of 2011 in the 2nd half, and Dre’s impact was huge up until his recent injury, making him questionable for the upcoming NLDS, and I said that 91 wins would win the NL West. Heck, I was 1 win off the mark with 92. Now as for the Bison staying healthy and returning to form, unfortunately, we’re not seeing that the rest of this season as Matt Kemp’s ankle injury will keep him out of the post season. As for Dre’s ankle, his status is still up in limbo as well and we could possibly see a starting outfield of Crawford, Schumaker and Puig. However, against the Braves in a 5 game series and with Kershaw and Greinke going in Games 1 and 2 down south, I still like our chances in a low scoring series, which I anticipate. How do the Dodgers and Braves matchup ? During the regular season the Boys from Georgia took 5 of 7 against the Boys in Blue however it should be noted that 3 of those wins came during a 3 game sweep in Atlanta during the Dodgers rough start, injuries had still crippled the team and that included the loss of Hanley Ramirez. Even without the presence of Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier I still feel that we matchup well and again, am confident that our 1-2 punch of Kershaw and Greinke can silence Atlanta’s bats. Dre says…. Dodgers in 5, and if it does go the full 5, perhaps Ethier makes more than a cameo appearance ?….

Can the Cuban Missile put a dent into those tomahawks ?



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