Coming Home, All Tied Up

With the series now evened at 1 games apiece, Hyun-Jin Ryu takes the hill tomorrow for the Blue in their attempt to move one game closer to a trip to the NLCS.  Aside from Kershaw’s dominant performance in Game 1, it’s been all about timely hitting as 9 of the 16 total runs scored between the two teams have been scored with 2 outs. All 5 of the Braves runs scored in the two games have come with 2 outs, including Jason Heyward’s clutch 2 out RBI single off Paco Rodriguez that gave the Braves a 4-1 cushion which would eventually loom big when Hanley Ramirez’s 2 run shot in the 8th brought the Dodgers to within 1 run. Many questioned Mattingly’s decision to have Rodriguez walk Reid Johnson to set up the lefty-lefty matchup against a struggling Heyward. Oh yeah, the 2nd guess ( Something we do a lot especially in October. I actually agreed with the move, it just wasn’t executed as planned. Also, on a sidenote, I’m sure most of you know that Paco has struggled the last month and a half now and many are speculating fatigue for the youngster, given he has not pitched this late into the season in his young career. However, should the Blue advance to the NLCS, do you go with just 1 other lefty in the bullpen in J.P. Howell and replace Paco with either Marmol or League. [ Did I just say Brandon League ?] ) . Oh the October storylines….

Gordon says replays show he was safe

Personally, I also thought he was safe to, and as much as I love to hate on umpires, that was too close to call. Also, leaving 10 on the basepaths and grounding into 3 double play’s sure didn’t help the Blue out last night. I watched [a replay] as soon as I came in,” Dee Gordon said. “I’m not going to harp on what he called. I thought I was safe.”

In Other NLDS News….

The Pirates, after being thrashed in Game 1 of their NLDS series with the Cardinals, bounced back nicely to take Game 2 of their series 7-1, knotting their series at 1 apiece as well heading to PNC Park for Game 3 . The Bucs had a decided edge against the Red Birds at PNC Park this season, winning 7 of 10 and will have one of their hottest pitchers going for them in Game 3 in Nelson Liriano. BucTober fever has sure caught on in the Steel City….

From Pittsburgh’s St. Clair Hospital, dubbed as BuccoBabies. Hey, why not ?



Along with the rest of L.A., i’m expecting an electric atmosphere at The Ravine tomorrow. Heck, how ’bout a Blue Out ? Everyone in Blue, like you see in most sports venues these days during the playoffs. I’ve always been a strong supporter of the All as One look for the playoffs. Besides, plus, you’re at a Dodgers game, not at Staples Center ( As big a Lakers fan I am, there’s just too much bling there … )



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