Dre’s Post Season Bits

Now this is how one should spend time with his best friend

mansbestfriend Now that’s what I call quality time with my best pal. Gonna be doing a lot of that in the following Saturday’s and Sunday’s to come between the 49ERS and UCLA. So who are your football teams ?

From The Twitter Feeds

Though we made it this far you’re presence was still missed out there in the NLCS. We can only hope that you can avoid any more serious injuries next year and that you’ll be patrolling the field deep into October 2014 !

It was rumored earlier that Sue Falsone, the first female head athletic trainer in professional sports, would no longer be the trainer of the Dodgers and has been confirmed through her twitter account. So to Sue Falsone, best of luck to you pursuing other opportunities

Funny she should bring this up because I brought this up to a friend of mine as well, in which his response was ” All future stars have to mature before they shine bright like a diamond….” @JBThirty2 . I’m confident that Puig, like Kobe, will have many more chances to shine in the spotlight.

As i’m sure all of you know by now, it is now out there that Don Mattingly’s status as manager for 2014 is up in limbo. Just one week after being assured of his job security, Mattingly and Colletti apparently are not on the same page as to whether Mattingly will be back beyond 2014, Don saying he does not want to be a ” lame duck ” manager. We can only wonder if some of Don’s questionable play calling in both the NLDS and especially the NLCS have a major role in this. When you think about it, this really is no different from a players final year of a contract. In other words, we can only wait and see based on how far the Dodgers go in 2014, that is, if Mattingly want’s to be around for the ride. ( From the look on his face Donny don’t seem to enthused about coming back )

The 109th World Series

Personally, I really don’t care to want to watch. Yes, this is the Dodger fan in me that’s talking, not the baseball fan. Yes, this Dodger fan is still hurt, as I have been 3 of the last 6 seasons now come October. But hey, life goes on, right ? And so does the World Series between the NL Champs , St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox. The Cardinals arrived to The Fall Classic after playing 5 tight games then knocking out Kershaw and our Boys in Blue in 6. The Red Sox arrived in all different phases, especially with the help of 2 huge grand-slams one by Big Papi in Game 2 of the ALCS that may have turned momentum of the series around, and the game winning grand slam in Game 6 by Shane Victorino ( Where was that clutch hitting in Dodger Blue last year Shane ? Yeah, i’m bitter !!!! ) The Red Sox boast a veteran roster particularly within their starting rotation while the Cardinals boasts some live young arms especially with the rookie Michael Wacha. Just like in their respective LCS’s, the series will come down to clutch hitting, something these two did very well in punching their tickets to this years Fall Classic. Dre’s Pick Cardinals in 6 MVP Matt Holliday


4 thoughts on “Dre’s Post Season Bits”

    1. I can’t really get myself to watch the World Series Chris, at least not yet. I don’t really hate Boston but like with you with Lackey and Napoli, I really dom’t want to see Shane Victorino celebrating either. ( As if we already didnt see it on Saturday !!! )


  1. All kidding aside,being an Angel fan, and i admit I can be quite obnoxious and a troll, something I need to change, I did admire how the Dodgers came back and started playing fantastic ball. I think the GM knows that he needs to keep Don around one more season. A change like this, coming off of a breakout season is always bad, and tends to drop the moral of a team fast, having a new face. That being said…if the Dodgers keep at it, play hard and keep healthy, I assure you the Dodgers will have a World Series title withing 3 years. I see Puig going nothing but up….and he will be very dangerous. I still hold my prediction……If Mike Scioscia gets fired from the Angels, he will be the next manager of the Dodgers…mark my words!


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