Please Help The Victims of Typhoon Haiyan, and Thank You From Dre

Hello Everyone !!! Before I move on, I would like to thank all of you who have viewed and visited my blog. October was quite a month and because of you, my blogs made it futher in the MLB Blog Central rankings than I expected at Number 33 !!! So, again, many thanks to all of you . Below is a list of the fanblogs who made the Top 50.

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4. The Unbiased MLB Fan
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44. The Best MLBlog
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46. Reds Country
47. Hoppers Fan
48. Women Who Love Cardinals Baseball
49. MetsProspects.Com
50. The Angels’ Ace

Allright. Originally I wanted to really discuss my descent up the rankings but I will save that for later . I am sure many of you have heard by now about the devastating typhoon,Typhoon Haiyan, that occurred in The Philippines, claiming at least 1,200 lives with the death toll expected to rise.

As a Filipino American I feel it is my duty to do whatever I can to help those in need in my country of origin, even if doing what I can means using my blog as a forum for asking for your assistance in any way, shape, or form, even if it it just keeping those affected in your thoughts and prayers. The United Nation’s World Food Programme , UNICEF , Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children and the Canadian organization GlobalMedic are a few of the organizations accepting donations in their efforts to assist the typhoon victims in The Philippines. Any donation toward any of these organizations would be greatly appreciated. And if money is an issue for you at this time, a simple thought and prayer is also greatly appreciated from the victims and thier loved ones.

And on behalf of all Filipino’s here in L.A and all the Filipino Dodgers fans…

jon JB proudly displaying his FiLApino shirt ….


Our thoughts and prayers to our fellow Pinoy’s back home !!!!


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