Dre’s Magic Number of October, 33 !!! Thank You, Maraming Salamat !!!

But first…


A huge Maraming Salamat to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers for their contribution of $150,000 to typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines. Basketball has long been one of the Philippines national pastime and the Lakers have always had a huge Filipino fan following here in L.A. and in the Philippines , as Dwight Howard would eventually find out. For the Lakers and Kobe to be a part of the relief efforts certainly does not go unnoticed amongst their Filipino fan base. So again, we say… THANK YOU !!! MARAMING SALAMAT !!!! Also, as i’ve been doing this past week, I will continue to post this link that you can click here for a list of organizations that you can choose to contribute reief efforts to , as well as these upcoming events that you would like to participate in, including a 3 hour telathon that will be aired tomorrow night locally on KTLA 5 from 7-10 PM, with proceeds going to the Red Cross. Also, if you have a Twitter account, on your tweets, please do include the hashtag #HelpThePhilippines. Your thoughts and prayers to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan are greatly appreciated.

October was quite a roller coaster ride for us Dodgers fans. It was also quite a month for me as well covering as much playoff action as I possibly could. Much of this was made possible not only by the Dodgers going deep into October, but by you fans as well for visiting and reading very heavily on my posts. Because of you, my October Ranking amongst MLB Fan bloggers hit a personal high at 33 !!! October also set a personal record for me for having my highest visitor count ever. So again, to you the Dodgers and baseball fans, I say…THANK YOU, and of course,as has been my ongoing message lately, MARAMING SALAMAT !!!!

Counting Baseballs reappeared after a newsworthy month…
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17. Observing Baseball
18. Los bigleaguers
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22. eltubeyero22
23. Flashin’ Leather
24. Cove Chatter
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49. MetsProspects.Com
50. The Angels’ Ace


sun From L.A. Filipno Dodger fans, may our sun always shine brightly….


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