The Cuban Missile and The Spaniard Making Doing Some Good

Go ahead and call The Cuban Missile cocky when it comes to how he presents himself on the field. Some may even say that it was his cocky attitude that cost him NLROY. But when it comes to his character off the field, there’s no denying his heart is in the right place as Yasiel Puig continues to put smiles on children’s faces

Puig was also joined by another L.A. superstar athlete in making some more children happy at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Pau Gasol has also stepped up to the plate as well in assisting typhoon victims in The Philippines, or he will be stepping up this Friday

Did I mention in a past post that Filipinos love basketball ? No typhoon would ever get in their way of their love for the sport

Thanks for sharing Pau !!! And of course, a huge Thank You and Maraming Salamat from your Filipino followers, whick, like the Black Mamba, you have a huge following, from The Philippines to L.A.

And as i’ve posted in the last week, you can click on this link for a list of organizations if you should be so kind to donate to the relief efforts of Typhoon Haiyan. And I can’t say this enough, Thank You, and Maraming Salamat, for all your thoughts and prayers that go out toward the typhoon victims in The Philippines.

And one final thought, i’ve updated my twitter feed on the sidebar is you should choose to follow me @Good_drei. You can even leave me a comment on any of my posts right there on the sidebar.


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