2013 in review, Changes in 2014, and My Weekend Playoff Picks

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaack !!!! ( For now…..) I hope you’re all having a great 2014 so far. Hopefully you all had a great year in 2013. How did my blog do in 2013 ?

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,100 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

2013 was by far the best year for this blog, now in it’s 9th season !!!! I had 83 new posts throughout 2013, averaging of 7 per month, or a little more than 1 per week. My biggest months statistically we’re in March and October, particularly October, when this blog hit it’s highest peak at number 33 amongst Top 50 during the Dodgers exciting playoff run . As the season progressed, more and more of you, the readers came here and checked out It’s Always A Good Dre In L.A. . So I just wanted to say Thank You !!! Because of your deep interest in my blog and of course our Dodgers, for the first time, my blog has reached the MLB.com Blog Central Top 100 for 2013 at number 96 amongst the Top 100 fan blogs !!!

As for 2014, of course my personal goal is to increase my ranking and perhaps maybe even crack Top 75 if not Top 50 so yeah, please keep checking back for new content that I post. And of course, do share this blog with other Dodgers and baseball fans as well !!!

Celebrating a New Year in Grand Park

As L.A. kissed 2013 goodbye, for the first time at least in my lifetime, after watching on TV the countdowns from other cities, particularly New York, we ACTUALLY had a celebration to call our own over at Grand Park in DTLA. The turnout was so huge they had to turn away those arriving after 11PM . Of course, Blue had to be there to help celebrate L.A.’s first ever New Years street event….
NYE_1 NYE_2 75 minutes to 2014….

NYE_3 Moments after midnight….2014 !!!! So, where else in L.A. has Blue been during the off-season ? You can check out more of my pics on my instagram located on the right as well as my instagram at good_drei.

Changes Coming to Our Ravine….

As many of you know by now, more changes will be coming for Dodger Stadium for the upcoming 2014 season. One of them will be the addition of a bullpen lookout over both the Dodgers and visiting bullpens…
dodgers_bullpen1 dodgers_bullpen2 In addition to the lookout and more concession and food options, fans in the pavillion, as well as the loge and stadium club will have access to the field level concourses as well ( It’s about time !!! ) . From the artists renderings, I’m liking the concept and am looking forward to the fact that other areas of the stadium will be more accessible, especilly with fans visiting ballparks more so than they did even 20 years ago. As for the bullpen lookout, I wonder how the visiting teams will feel about our fans standing above them listening to their ” polite comments ” ?

Winter In Brooklyn with Jackie Robinson

jackie_snowinbrooklyn I thought i’d share this with you….

On The Gridiron

You know you all have a strong interest in this weekend games. I know I do , especially with the 49ERS ( My team since The Catch….) doing battle with Carolina this Sunday. Last weekend I went 3-1, with the Chargers being my one blip. Here are my weekend picks…

Patriots over the Colts

I expect a shootout between Brady and Luck, with Brady coming out on top

Broncos over the Chargers

Chargers with a great late season run, I don’t see Manning losing to them 2 times in a row at Mile High

My Upset…

Saints over the Seahawks

Yeah, I’m going with my heart on this one. Last meeting between the two was all Seattle, 34-6. I see Brees coming through this time…

And Finally…

49ERS over the Panthers

Panthers edged the Niners in Candlestick in November 10-9. Niners didn’t have Crabtree, Vernon Davis or Alden Smith. I expect another low scoring game, could come down to Phil Dawson’s leg again.

Speaking of the 49ers. 32 years ago today, our very own Vin Scully, from Candlestick Park, calling the action to what would be the beginning of a dynasty…

Enjoy the games everyone !!!


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