Off Season Insta Pics and Dre’s Conference Title Picks….




As you can tell, Dodger Stadium is almost ready to play host for next weeks NHL Stadium Series matchup between the L.A. Kings and Anaheim Ducks.  This will mark the first time a regular season NHL outdoor matchup will take place out here in the west.  Hopefully, this is the first of more to come.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a peek inside….. 

Ok, my conference title picks…


Denver over New England in a shootout, with Manning coming out on top 38-34


In a hard fought, black and blue matchup, the 49ERS come out of this on their way for the Quest for Six, 20-17. This game couldn’t be more evenly matched . Two teams , two coaches that can’t stand each other. Points should be at a premium and my 20-17 projection may be a bit high. I’m looking for the Niner running game to be the difference . Oh yeah, you all do know by now i’m also a 49ERS fan. You say being a 49ERS fan in L.A. is sacreligious ? Well, I guess Matt Kemp never got that message either….


Yup, even The Bison is a huge Niners Fan !!!!

Enjoy the games everyone !!!


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