Honoring Dr. King, Jackie, and Hank, and Dre Goes Through Heartbreak ( AGAIN )


From Dodgers.com , two of the most influential Americans who left a huge impact on society, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Jackie Robinson.

And for you ballpark travelers or travelers in general…

When visiting Atlanta on your ballpark excursions to see the Dodgers, or your favorite team, youbmay want to pay a visit tothe Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta’s Auburn district, Dr. Kings childhood neighborhood.  Mass is held there once a year on the day of his birthday.  It is open yearound for visitors to walk inside and pay tribute.  This was taken in 2007.  While I was inside, audio clips of some of Dr. King’s speeches, including his ” I Have a Dream ” speech we’re played. 


You’ll also want to stop by the statue of Hammerin’ Hank in Turner Fields outfield concourse.  Hank Aaron is another icon who during his playing days endured plenty of racial hatred, including death threats during his chase of Babe Ruth’s home run record.  Speaking of, if you should ever arrive to a Braves game early, you may want to check out the empty parking lot across Turner Fields outfield entrance.  Why ?


That empty lot has the baseball outlines of the Braves old home, Fulton County Stadium.  If you’re with a couple of buddies, you may even want to re-enact the night Hank Aaron hit home run 715 .  One of you could be Hank, and two of you could be the two guys trailing Hank in this famous picture.  Or you could just do it solo and play the part of Hank.

More Heartbreak For Dre

Well, as of yesterday, football season is over for me.  And for the 2nd time in 3 months, I find myself heartbroken over the fact my team came , oh so.close.  And just like in October with the Dodgers, the Niners being ousted on a drive killing interception caused by Niner nemesis Richard Sherman has me pained, and heartbroken.  Oh well.  It was a great year for my 49ERS, who came 18 yards of becoming only the 1st team to win back to back conference championships on the road.  Oh so close…..  If you’re questioning why i’m a Niner fan, well, i’m not the only one in Dodger Blue who backs the Niner Faithful….


Well Matt, dare I say it….. How many days ’til baseball season starts ? 


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