Dodger tickets through the years

Dodger Insider

By Jon Weisman

While looking for some stuff to bring to my office, I burrowed my way into my ticket stub collection from my younger days. Here is some of what I found (apologies in advance for the low image quality) …


This is my oldest Dodger stub, from one of the first Dodger games I had ever attended — I can’t imagine I had been to more than a few before this. When I was young, I would sometimes put the tickets in the old family typewriter and type my name on them, because my family’s Rams season tickets came with my father’s name printed on them.

* * *

77This is from the only World Series game I have yet attended.

* * *

That pitch looks like it’s gonna smack our Dodger hero in the face if he doesn’t duck.

* * *


Yes, it has…

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