10 Years Ago Today, 1/24/2004, The Day Frankie Had Us All Fooled

On this day 10 years ago, Frank and Jamie McCourt would become just the 3rd owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers since the teams arrival from Brooklyn in 1958. 
FrankandJamie_2004 Frank and Jamie displaying their new jersey’s prior to the 2004 season, their 1st as the new owners

“The sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers to Frank and Jamie McCourt heralds the beginning of a new era of family ownership for one of the game’s most storied franchises,” Commissioner Bud Selig said. “This transaction meets all of Baseball’s debt service rules and financial requirements in every way. We at Major League Baseball are confident that Mr. McCourt, as a rabid and knowledgeable fan and successful businessman, will devote the time and energy necessary to make the franchise a great success.”

This was the day Frank and Jamie had us all fooled. Or perhaps we we’re all thinking with our hearts. After all, it had been 16 years since the Dodgers had last one a World Series, let alone a post-season game. During that span, the Dodgers had only made it back to the post-season twice, being swept in the NLDS in 1995 and 1996. They certainly made no mark on the post-season during the Fox regime. So in come the McCourts, ready to return The Blue back to it’s glory days.


4 playoff appearances, 3 division titles, 2 trips to the NLCS.

OK, not all went bad during Frankie’s ownership. ( Did I just say that ? ) After all, prior to McCourt taking over the Dodgers, they had not won a post-season game since their 1988 triumph over the A’s. A break here or there in ’08 and ’09, and perhaps a 7th World Series flag is displayed beneath the Stadium Club . So those we’re some highlights during the McCourt reign.

Of course, those 4 playoff appearces during his regime would far be overshadowed by his off-field news , including the purchases of two Malibu mansions, his bitter divorce with Jamie in which she would receive close to $130 million, the Dodgers being placed under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, and the utimely beating of San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow in the parking lot, amongst the many dark moments left behind under McCourt.

Sparse Crowd Sparse crowds like these we’re all too familiar during 2011 as the Dodgers would fall south of the 3 million mark in attendance for the first time since 1992 in a non-strike season

marlon Marlon B was one of the few who actually enjoyed all that empty space

marls_dre Taken after the final home game in 2011, McCourt’s last home game under his ownership. YEAH !!!! We endured the rough spell, better days are ahead of us, right Marlon !!!!

In Other News…

Due to popular demand, the Dodgers have temporarily put a halt on season ticket sales at 31,000 prior to single-ticket sales this Friday. Is this the year the Dodgers crack the 4 million mark in attendance ? Baseball can’t come soon enough can it ? Amazing what a quality product and a change in ownership can re-energize a fanbase that just 3 season’s ago stayed away in droves.


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