Dodgers to Don Alternate Uni’s on the Road for 2014

For the most part I have nothing against alternate jersey but have always been a traditionalist especially when it comes to baseball jerseys.  Prior to this season, the Dodgers, Yankees, and Tigers we’re the only teams without an alternate/third jersey.  Well, I never thought i’d see the day the Dodgers would join the bandwagon of alternate jerseys…




However, I can live with these new, or should I say, new/old Dodger alternates, donned by Hyun-Jin Ryu, Brian Wilson, and Matt Kemp . For the first time in history the Dodgers will have a full-time alternate jersey, to be worn for road games. These alternate Dodgers road jerseys are virtually the same road jersey’s the Dodgers wore from 1971-1988 .

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs

The only difference, albeit a slight one, is that the Dodger script on the current road alternates, unlike the one Orel wore here in 1988, is sans the white outline. Speaking of Orel donning a look from the past…


This was the jersey worn during the ’88 World Series clincher. Overall, I like the current look of the alternate road uni sans the white outline like the current road uni with the Los Angeles script, the jersey that had been worn on the road from 1959-1970. The absence of the white outline gives the road grey’s a clean appearance. I like how the Dodgers have tied in the past and ushered them into the future. I just hope they maintain their overall tradition and don’t get caught up with any more alternates not familiar to their history. The last thing I would want to see is 5 different looks that you don’t know what is going to be worn. As for the traditional home white with the Dodger script, I highly doubt any additional home uni’s will be added anytime soon. As you may notice, any additions done to Dodger uniforms over the years, mostly minor, have been to the road unis considering most fans hardly see the players wear them live. My next question now is, how will they determine when the new road alternates be worn, be it a Sunday look, a starting pitchers choice or so on….


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