Today’s Numbers…. 22, 27, and 9


27 days ’til the start of the regular season ….

22 Lets keep the tweets and retweets going to make 22 the Face of MLB.  #FACEOFMLB #CLAYTONKERSHAW .  You can also retweet from my twitter feed on the sidebar as well.  Let’s make Kershaw the Face of MLB !!!


27 days Matt !!!  ( If only you could play in 27 days…..)

Power Issues ?


Some concern has been raised over the fact that Dee Gordon has bulked up over the winter.  Raising more concern to some is the fact that he homered in todays intersquad game.  I for one am not one of those ready to hit the panic button.  It’s been known for a while now that Dee Gordon has struggled at the plate especially with fastballs.  If he doesn’t get on base , his speed becomes a moot point.  He hits one home run in a simulation game then all of a sudden the referrences to Willy Mays Hayes in Major League 2 ( BTW the first one was way better…)  .  Look at Dee’s build in the picture above.  Wouldn’t many of you like to have his build ? ( I know I would !!!  )  If Dee needs more muscle to get through the grind of 162 or less, provided he did this through proper training ( Lets not go there …) , so be it .  I still say Dee steals 30 this season. 


Cheer up Christian !!!  It’s Almost Time for Dodger Baseball !!!!


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