Looking Back…. Spring Training Notes 2006

This is now my 9th blogging here.  I started this blog in the winter of 2005 and along the way have “somewhat” mastered the art of blogging…..  Here’s is one of my first blogs, from early 2006.  The Dodgers had just come off a disastrous 2005 season with a 71-91 record.  2005 would be Jim Tracy’s last season as the skipper of the Dodgers, to be replaced by former Red Sox skipper Grady Little.

So would the Blue make it back in contention in 2006 ? Among the many questions, what would the starting outfield look like ? You guys remember these names… Jason Repko, Jose Cruz Jr., Kenny Lofton, and of course Jayson Werth and J.D. Drew ? Yup, the battle for the outfield starting spots in ’06 . A couple of up and coming kids named Matt and Andre would be called up as well during that 2006 season and get some playing time in all 3 OF positions ( Sound familiar ? ) .

Also from 2006….

06grady Manager Grady Little, 2006-7

06odallis Odallis Perez. One of our more effective pitchers in his early days with the Blue

06kent Jeff Kent. Gave us 4 solid years…

nomar Nomah !!! In his first season with The Blue. Nomar became a huge hit with the fans….

And this rookie….

06drei Young Dre in his 1st year with the Blue….


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