Days ‘Til Opening Day….24

WaltAlston Walter Emmons Alston. Managed in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles from 1954-1976, winning 2040 games, appearing in 7 World Series, winning 4 WS titles, including a sweep of the Yankees in 1963.

24 From the 1st Base Dugout

GriffeyJr Ken Griffey Jr. . Taken from the LF Pavillion in his final Dodger appearance at Dodger Stadium as a player on June 28th, 2009. One of my all-time favorite outfielders to play the game. Started his career at the age of 19 in 1989, Junior would smash 630 home runs throughout his illustrious career that included 13 trips to the All-Star game. Next stop, Cooperstown.

The Campaign to Make Opening Day a Holiday

By now you may have heard that former Cardinals HOF shortstop Ozzie Smith has put together a petition to make Opening Day an official holiday . As of now, over 29,000 have signed the petition. Surprisingly, amongst NL West fans , the Colorado Rockies have the most signatures followed by the Dodgers, with the DBacks, Giants and Padres holding up the bottom by a wide distance.

Baseball fans, you have 27 days to make this count !!!

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