Drei vs. Food, Fat Tuesday, 3/4/2014

If any of you may be enjoying Spring Training in The Valley of the Sun, you may want to drop by Alice Cooper’stown in Phoenix, across the street from the U.S. Airways Arena and down the street from Chase Field for your Fat Tuesday fix…

Drei_Dogs To the left is a Big Unit Hot Dog, 22 inches and 1 pound of beef sandwiched between that bun. What, you want some toppings on that Big Unit ? Well, there’s the ” Man vs. Food ” Bases Loaded Big Unit as well, that comes with chili, cheese sauce, bacon, sauerkraut, jalapenos, onions, relish, and shredded cheese. The Dodger Dog looks impressed…

DreiTakingOnBigUnit My attempt to take on this ” Man vs Food ” Big Unit !!! Or should I say, Dre vs Food . Food got me this time.

What food/baseball adventure is next for Dre ? ( FYI, don’t expect to many DvF adventures….)



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