Spring Madness Is In the Air

As a sports fan, i’m really enjouing this time of year.  In 2 days, the Dodgers depart Camelback Ranch for Australia to kick off the Opening Series with the DBacks. ( Isn’t it strange they wrap up the ST at Camelback before St. Patricks Day ? ) 

I was so fortunate to finally experience ST.  It’s something every baseball fan should experience.  If you’re fortunate to have a week off to do it, you may want to visit various stadiums in the area.

OK.  How many of you are still in Glendale ?  If you are and have time to kill before heading back to L.A., you may want to check out this statue of former Arizona Cardinal , Pat Tillman.



Paying respect to a fallen hero….

So, who else is enjoying this time of year ?  You know, Spring Training, March Madness.  Or as i’ve done, combined the two to make…. Spring Madness !!! 


Jordan Adams, cutting down the nets in Las Vegas after the UCLA Bruins took down the 4th ranked Arizona Wildcats in the Pac 12 Championship game, 75-71.  Adams would nail a 3 with over 30 seconds left to break a 68-68 tie.   Now that UCLA has won the Pac 12 tourney , hopefully they will get a favorable seed and carry that momentum over to the tournament. 


Joe Bruin getting in the spirit of things.  Joe’s also ready for some Dodger Baseball !!!  It’s been a good year for both the football and basketball teams in Westwood !!!


It’s sure feels great being a sports fan this time of year in L.A. , right Joe ?

And finally….


“Spring Madness” has officially begun !!!

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