Countdown to Opening Series…. 2


The most famous Dodger to evr wear the number 2….. Tommy Lasorda.  Lasorda would manage from 1976-1996.  From 1958-1996 he was one of only 2 who managed the Los Angeles Dodgers, the other of course being Walter Alston.  Since, the Dodgers have had 7 different managers.  9 managers in 56 years in Los Angeles.  Still not bad.  Probably as many as Steinbrenner had in a 5 year period back in his heyday……

March Madness


So, who else has already lost out on their Billion bucks ?


With former UCLA point guard Tyus Edney.  We’ll always remember the buzzer beater in ’95 against Missouri….


And former UCLA point guard and current Laker Jordan Farmar, March 5th 2006 , Farmars sophmore season.  We didnt know it at the time, but it would be Farmar’s last game ever at Pauley Pavillion as UCLA went on that late season run all the way to the Finals before falling to Florida.  Farmar is also the godson of former Dodger Eric Davis.


Even Blue is caught up in March Madness !!!  Oh I love this time of year…. Go Dodgers !!!  UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT !!!


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