Blue Down Under and Spring Madness


The Dodgers finished a very successful road trip to open the season, sweeping the Arizona Diamonbacks in their brief 2 game series.


Dee Gordon all smiles as he climbs the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  I really hope he wins the 2nd base starting job .

March Madness

OK, I know a lot of you are also pauing attention to March Madness.  So far our west coast teams have had a strong showing with San Diego State advancing and Stanford pulling off the upset over Kansas earlier today.   Speaking of Madness, with the Bruins playing later today in the round of 32, here’s my favorite moment….

4.8 – Tyus Edney 1995 NCAA Tournament:

It’s been 19 years ( Time sure fly’s fast…) since Tyus Edney’s mad dash .  As one put it, Boise to Oakland in 4.8 …


Tyus Edney .  One of many Bruins who have had the honor of signing my Pyramid of Success poster. 

Dont you just love this time of year ?  All shades of Blue working as one…


Go Dodgers !!!  UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT !!!


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