Scorecard Notes From the Yard, 4/9/2014

So, how many of you still keep score at the old ballgame ?


It’s something i’ve done since my childhood days going back to the early 80s, watching the likes of Sax, Guerrero, Orel and of course Fernando…

So this past Wednesday night against the Tigers was my first game of the year. 


With the game going extras, these cards are a good example of keeping score in a National League park when a game goes extras, particularly in the 9 spot of the order and often too, in other spots of the lineup.  Amazing how the pitchers spot can alter a lineup and many strategies late in the game.  As a fan , it also keeps me thinking as well as to what the managers next move will be. 


The Tigers had a big night offensively, highlighted by Nick Castellanos’ first big league home run of his career of Dodger starter Josh Beckett.  Castellanos, who grew up a Marlins fan in South Florida, once idolized the former Marlin in his childhood.  ( You couldn’t wait another day for your first MLB dinger kid ?  LOL )


The Dodgers, down 3 in the home 9th, would rally to tie the game thanks to a solo shot by AGon, whos homered now in 3 straight, and a clutch 2 out RBI by Dee Gordon, who’s off to a fast start this year.

Unfortunately, Victor Martinez , who the previous night had a clutch 2 out RBI of Jansen, got the best of him again lauching a solo shot to the RF Pavillion giving the Tigers a 7-6 lead that they would not relinquish, as these two teams , expected by many to meet come October, would split the two game set both in extras.

So those are Dre’s scorecard notes.  For any other scorekeepers out there, do you have any scorecards you like to share.  I always enjoy looking at others and comparing our styles.


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