Jackie Robinson Day

Tomorrow, baseball celebrates the day Jackie Robinson broke MLB’s color barrier. This will mark the 10th anniversary of Jackie Robinson Day, first officially celebrated league wide in 2004. In it’s 1st season, the Dodgers we’re in Petco Park battling the Padres and ever since have played at home on this special occasion. It was thought that the Dodgers would be playing at home every season on Jackie Robinson Day, just as the Red Sox do every year on Patriots Day .

Here’s a clip form last year, looking at the legacy Jackie Robinson left behind, as told by of course Vin Scully

For the Dodgers to play away from The Ravine on this day honoring Jackie Robinson just does not seem right, especially with the game being at AT&T Park against our rival Giants. Let’s also not forget this fact that Jackie Robinson refused a trade to the Giants in 1957. Yup, Jackie is forever a Dodger !!!


All personal fan bias aside, something just doesn’t seem right with The Blue being away on this special occasion, a sentiment shared over at Dodger Blue World .

jackie robinson stadium Jackie Robinson Stadium, home of UCLA Baseball, next to the statue and mural dedicated to Jackie on the 1st base concourse

42 A number never to be worn again

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