Cruising The Twin Cities, June 2008

Any of you Dodger fans on the road following the team in the Twin Cities ? I hope you’re all staying warm and dry. Amongst my many baseball road trips I’ve had the pleasure to take, here are some pics from my trip to the Twin Cities back in the summer of 2008 when the Twins we’re still in the Metrodome.

Me_Metrodome On the field after a game between the Twins and Brewers on Sunday, June 29 2008 after the Twins had defeated the Brewers 5-0. In this game, Twins young outfielder and future Brewer Carlos Gomez would have an RBI triple for the home team. It seems as if Carlos Gomez has been making some recent headlines, be it the the wrong kind or the good kind . As for the Metrodome, I’m really glad the Twins have a new stadium . The Metrodome was everything baseball was not meant. In a sterile indoor environment with fake grass. But hey, the old Metrodome is another stadium off my list.

1965_TwinsALBanner Banner honoring the 1965 AL Champions. In case you may not know who they would fall to in this classic 7 game series….

Also in the Twin Cities….

MTM_Statue For you Nick at Nighters, here’s a statue of Mary Tyler Moore doing her trademark toss of the tam o’shanter cap in front of the Nicolette Mall on the corner of 7th and Nicolette Mall. Go ahead, act the part of the tourist !!! You know you’ll have this intro on your mind…

In nearby Bloomington…

The Mall of America, . If the kid in you should find yourself at the Nickelodeon Universe , you may want to look for these baseball themed markers . The MOA resides on the spot where the Twins once called home in Bloomington , Metropolitan Stadium.

MetStadium Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington MN.

Killebrew_logridechair This red chair perched high atop this wall above the flume ride, marks the landing spot of Twins legend Harmon Killebrew’s 520 foot home run, the longest ever at Metropolitan Stadium.

HomePlate_MetStadium The spot where home plate once stood inside of Nickelodeon Universe.

HomePlate_60feet 60 feet 6 inches in front of that dish, history was made in October, 1965, thanks in large part to Sandy Koufax. In case you may have forgot, check out the first YouTube clip. ( Can you tell that a Dodger fan is writing all this ? )

And finally, when leaving the Twin Cities, don’t forget to say high to man’s best friend…

snoopy Oh yeah, America’s favorite beagle, somewhere in Minneapolis Airport. Of course you all know that Snoopy’s creator hails from the Twin Cities


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