Sunday Adventures With Mini Puig 6/8/2014

This weeks theme, The Stanley Cup… Go Kings Go !!!


Earlier this week, our Mini Puig cruised the streets from Inglewood to DTLA, seeing all kinds of support for the Kings,  playing in their second Stanley Cup Finals in 3 seasons.   Before he ventures the streets,  Mini Puig makes a quick stop at Randys Donuts,  where they too are showing their support for the Kings.


After a couple of donuts Mini Puig sends to be a happy camper.   Hopefully those donuts don’t show him down during upcoming games…..


Moving right along Mini Puig makes a stop at the one time home of the Kings,  The Fabulous Forum.   The Kings would call this place home from 1967-1999, appearing in one Stanley Cup final.


Moving right along,  Mini Puig has now found his way toward Staples Center,  taking his place alongside The Great One.   ” Hey Wayne,  maybe someday they will have a statue in my honor at Dodger Stadium ”


Oh yeah !  Lord Stanley’s Cup.   Two more wins and that cup comes back to L.A. ! GO KINGS GO !!!   Puig still believes he will help The Blue bring home a trophy of a different sorts.   One that has eluded them since 1988.  It’s going to be a tough climb again this year,  With The Blue currently 9.5 games behind the Giants.   But hey, they overcame their 30-42 stay last season , due in large part to Big Puig’s arrival, along with 42-8 run, which would be asking a lot again.  

A Look At The Standings


For all the talk of the Dodgers struggles,  lost amongst all this talk is the fact the Dodgers have the 3rd most wins in the NLCS along with the Braves and Cardinals,  two teams the Dodgers faces in last year’s playoffs.   The Pirates,  who have struggled on the road this season,  are starting to warm up.  When all is said and done,  at this point,  With exception of the Giants and Brewers, there is a lot of parity in the senior circuit, including all 5 NL playoff participants,  2 who see themselves south of the .500 mark .  As I said earlier,  expecting another 42-8 run would be asking too much.   Putting together a string of wins,  certainly this team is more than capable.


Not exactly a lineup that instills far is it ?  See the tweet from the Dodger fan below the lineup….


The Dodgers with Kershaw on the mound as they try to take 2 of 3 at Coors Field.  Away from Dodger Stadium, where the Blue is 13-19, the Blue have actually held their own,  spring a 19-12 record away from The Ravine.   After today,  the Dodgers travel to Cincinnati for a four game set with the Reds before returning home Friday night against the DBacks . 


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