Kershaw’s Ode

In Los Angeles, as the month of June leads us to summer nights, when we observe such symphonic sounds echoing into the cool night air, those sounds of symphony are usually heard from the The Los Angeles Philharmonic . Ah, but on this cool Wednesday evening, as we stand 3 nights away from another summer filled with numerous fun filled activities, the symphony takes a detour down 101 south into the hills of Chavez Ravine, where, tonight, it is the 2 time Cy Young Award winner who would be conducting this evenings symphony, Clayton Kershaw.

It is the first four note’s of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony that would be heard so often throughout the cool L.A. night. 15 times it would be heard. One would not blame you if for just one moment you thought you we’re at The Hollywood Bowl . Each time those majestic notes would echo the skies, the anticipation of something spectacular among the 46,000 plus natives grows ever so intense. To tell the story of Sir Clayton’s 9 Inning Prelude, of course… Vin Scully .

Kershaw’s Ode

Maestro- Clayton Kershaw
Narrator- Vin Scully

Oh yeah. A composition that was far beyond impressive, even Beethoven would be proud.


And on this exhilarating Wendesday evening , in what is hopefully a prelude of things to come this summer for our Boys in Blue, it was Clayton Kershaw who would , ” Set the World on Fire…”


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