The Week In Review, Friday 6/20/2014

After being behind by as much as 9.5 games 2 weeks ago with Mattingly calling out the team for their play, The Dodgers have won 9 of 13. It was also two weeks ago today that someone here had something to say about team chemistry issues , for what it’s really worth. In this time the Dodgers have managed to shave 5.5 games off their NL West deficit and as of now currently stand only 4 games behind the Giants, a fact that is certainly not lost among the folks who follow those in halloween colors .

The timing couldn’t have come at a better time for the Dodgers,as the Giants have gone 1-8 during their first slump of the season, while the Dodgers are coming off a 5-1 homestand at The Ravine, where they have struggled this season. The highlight of the 5-1 homestand, which included a 3 game sweep of the Colorado Rockies, who had previously swept 3 from the Giants in San Francisco, undoubtedly was Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter, or should we say, Kerfection .

This the 7th Dodgers no-hitter in my lifetime, and without a doubt, this one has to be the most memorable. I have a feeling there will be another one, or two in the future of Sir Clayton Kershaw.


Tribute to Mr. Padre

By now you all know this past week the baseball world suffered a major loss with the sudden death of former Padre great Tony Gwynn .

19gwynn The number 19 etched out in right field surrounded by the Padres. Yasiel Puig should be so honored to be playing in right field this weekend.

Speaking of the Dodgers and Padres doing battle this weekend in PETCO Park, for those of you heading south for the series wanting to pay tribute to Mr. Padre…

gwynnstatue The Tony Gwynn Statue , where fans have been paying their respects this past week, is located behind the Park at the Park, the grass hill behind the outfield stands . If you get a chance, I highly recommend you pay Mr. Padre a visit .



Only 4 games back. Plenty of baseball left folks. GO DODGERS !!!


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