Taking One For The Team, and A Summer Night at the Old Ballgame


That’s exactly what A.J. Ellis did with his bases loaded RBI as he was hit by a pitch to force in the game winning run.   Brian Wilson,  with some great defensive help from Scott Van Slyke,  would save the game for The Blue as the Dodgers complete a 4-2 road trip defeating the Royals .  The Doors now return home for 4 in a rematch of last year’s NLCS, with a pitcher’s duel skated to start this 4 game series,  as Josh Beckett b takes to the mound against Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright.

Summer Treats at the Old Ballgame ….

Ah yeah.   Summer time at the ballpark.   It’s that time of year that brings out the kid in all of us.   Summer time at the ballpark.   One of the many treats the ballpark brings us, be it the ever so  timeless classic Cracker Jacks, the ice cream in a helmet for those hot summer afternoons,  or the simple joy off cotton candy.  It’s one of the many treats we all look forward to on our way to the Old Ballgame.


Cotton candy ! Red vines ! Oh what joy this man will be putting on some kids face….


As said, the joy on this kids face as he looks forward to that sweet taste of cotton candy on this summer evening at The Old Ballgame. Oh the sights and sounds at The Old Ballgame that bring out the kid in all of us. Even this kid ! Even if this kid is closer to being a ” Viejo” than he is a kid. Yup, that’s what summer nights at The Old Ballgame does to us. It brings out the kid in all of us .


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