Dre’s Sunday Funnies 6/29/2014

But first…


Backed by an offensive explosion that included a 6 run 2nd, the Dodgers,  coulpled with the Giants loss in extras to the Reds,  find themselves only one game back of the Giants.  The Dodgers wrap up their 4 game series with the Cardinals this afternoon with Clayton  Kershaw on the hill as they try to take 3 of 4 from the Red Birds and perhaps tie the Giants for the NL West lead.  

Drei’s Sunday Funnies for 6/29/2014

After a couple of weeks off, its back !  For those who have followed, you may have noticed the feature had been on the Mini Puig.   Well,  today,  we’ve added another Mini Creature to the story.  Yup,  that creature too is a head bobbler . 


Today,  we introduce…. The Mini Beard ! Yup, that mini bearded version of Brian Wilson that every Dodger fan got to take home this past Thursday.   Here,  The Mini Beard found himself a big bro,  Marlon, who you’ll see throughout this and future posts.


Can you see the resemblance between the two ?


On the field,  the sight of the postgame handshake line has been a familiar and frequent one lately for our Boys In Blue,  as they have won 15 of their last 23, going from 9.5 games back of the Giants to only one game in a span of just 22 days.   That’s right Dodger fans ! 22 as in Clayton Kershaw !  The pitcher who pitched a no-hitter on the 18th .  The pitcher who was named Player of the Week for his accomplishments.   Today’s starting pitcher sundry the Cardinals as the Dodgers aren’t to take 3 of 4….  OK, after a hard fought 1-0 victory over the Red Birds,  a game which Brian Wilson should get the win in relief on the night his Mini Ego would be taken home by over 48,000 fans,  Marlon’s little Mini Bearded one would venture out toward the 626 on, 6/26. 


What’s this ?  Those wet fries and pastrami look like those from The Hat !  And look who he’s joined the Mini Beard ?  Yup, it’s Mini Puig !  Oh,  The look on both Mini Puig and Mini Beard’s face with all that food surrounding them…


Hey !  Looks like Marlon,  aka Marlz, has worked up quite an appetite for himself.   After all,  one can only dine on so many Dodger Dogs.  The Mini Puig is pleading to Marlz,  ” HEY, VIEJO ?  WHERE’S MY PASTRAMI ? ”


Looks like Mini Puig has decided to get his own pastrami.   As for Marlz, he continues to chow down.  Mini Beard doesn’t look to thrilled.   ” Hey Marlz !  HOW ‘ BOUT A LITTLE CHIN MUSIC  WITH YOUR DIP ? ”


After being threatened by his lil’ bro’, the Mini Beard,  Marlz had decided to share some of his pastrami dip.  I guess you could say that Marlz did…. FEAR THE BEARD !!! 

A huge thanks to my buddy Marlon for taking part in this.  You can find on Instagram @mdario83 .  Tell him @good_drei sent you.   As I’ve said kid,  Never A Dull Moment At The Ballpark.  



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