Our Love/Hate Relationship With Matt Kemp

It’s no secret that many of you are not happy with Matt Kemp. It’s no secret that Matt Kemp is struggling again. He is hardly alone folks. The last time the Dodgers scored more than 3 runs in a game was July 8, 7 games ago. Even than, all 5 off their runs against the Tigers cane in one inning, the first. So to single out Matt Kemp as the main reason for the Dodgers offensive struggles would not be entirely fair. To many of you, Beast Mode is a distant memory.

For those of you who have been very vocal in your displeasure toward Matt, as was the case in the recent homestand against the Padres, or have expressed your feelings toward your social media tag, is it solely because of his on the field struggles ? Our does it go beyond that ?

Did his performance in 2011 and the first half of 2012 raise our expectations ? Surely his recent comments about wanting to be the every day center fielder, be it with the Dodgers or elsewhere, whether they were taken out of context or not, certainly did not help matters out did they ? Do you feel he needs to be that one leader on the club that isn’t afraid to carry them on his shoulders ? ( I know I’ve been critical on that end ) . Is it his laid back personality ? Is it his news off the field, such as his modeling gig with The Gap or his past and rumored relationships with Rhiannon and Chloe Kardashian that make you feel that his mind is, to out it kindly, not on the field 100 % of the time ?

Matt Kemp off the field ? Perhaps we have forgotten the good he’s done as well. Such as his work with TACA, Talk About Curing Autism, or reaching out to the cancer stricken Dodger fan in San Francisco, even giving him his jersey. Off the field Matt has certainly been more than personable with the fans, a trait many professional athletes and entertainers do not possess.

Ah. But that’s just it. Many of you probably are not concerned about whether Matt Kemp is a nice guy off the field. Let’s face it. It’s not so much that Matt Kemp has struggled because as said earlier, he it’s not alone among The Blue who is struggling offensively. Perhaps it’s all the extra off field news Matt makes that make many, if not all if you, feel that it has greatly affected his on- field performance ? How many of you have called for him to be traded ? Again I ask… Is it really fair to place the entire blame on Matt ?

Me with Matt Kemp at the Heal the Bay beach cleanup at Santa Monica, February 2011.


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