Sunday Fun-Dre With The Mini Bison in Photos

MINIBISON1 Pregame . The Mini Bison roaming around the outfield . He looks so life-sized…

MINIBISON2 Caution . Bison Crossing…

Time to Take The Mini Bison for a Spin…

MINIBISON3 The Mini Bison doing some spinning with our resident DJ who you can follow on Instagram @admoneson


MINIBISON_FANS1 MINIBISON_FANS2 MINIBISON_FANS4 The Mini Bison sure knows how to attract the fans…

MINIBISON_FANS3 Even this young fan couldn’t help but stop by and say hi to our Mini Bison …

Other happening on Sunday Fun-Dre …

SISTERCITIES On the way to The Ravine through DTLA , Blue here takes time to learn of our sister cities of the world . The landmark can be viewed on the norhteast corner of 1st and Main Streets .

BASEBALL_HAIKU2 Only at a ballgame can you pass time and read a book, especially if the game is getting out of hand as it was yesterday. Though I can only imagine that if you’re going to read a book at a ballgame, the only way you can get away with it is if you’re doing this solo, as Dre tends to do every so often. ( This may be another sign that Dre here has reached the 40 mark if he’s ACTUALLY reading a book at a ballgame !!! LOL . )

BASEBALL_HAIKU Baseball Haiku. A fine read anywhere especially in the ballpark on a lazy Sunday afternoon when your team is getting clobbered on the field by 8 runs. It’s a collection of short form poetry as all haiku’s are, that center’s its focus on baseball, the nature surrounding the game and it’s lifelong impact and memories on the various writers . Of course there are plenty of other baseball books to read at the ballpark or anywhere as suggested by these writers …

NANCYBEA Well look who had time for a picture before serenading the over 47,000 plus en masse. It’s our very own Dodger Stadium organist Nancy Bea Hefley . Nancy Bea has been our resident organist since 1988 and even with a lot of pop music being played today, the beats of Nancy Bea still resonate strong inside the walls of Chavez Ravine…

Back to The Mini Bison

MINIBISON9 Not long after the game has ended does Mini Bison run through the Retired Numbers Plaza up at the top deck

MINIBISON12MINIBISON10MINIBISON11 Of course The Mini Bison is proud to salute his all time favorite Dodger, Jackie Robinson. Determined and animated, the Mini Bison is getting ready for the stretch drive toward October !!! Dre has said it countless times even through the harshest of times and Dre here will say it again…. This is your team Matt !!! It’s up to you to lead us deep into October !!!

BISON_DREI Lead the way Matt !!!


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