Looking to Continue Their Road Dominance and The Freedom to Support Your Teams Colors in Enemy Territory

After sweeping their 2 game set in Arizona, the Dodgers look to continue their winning ways on the road as they take their MLB best road mark of 42-26 down south to PETCO Park this weekend for a 3 game series with the San Diego Padres , as Dan Haren looks to continue his recent success, having won 3 of his last 4 decisions. Haren will be matched up against Andrew Cashner, who , in spite of his 2-6 record, sports a very solid 2.43 ERA.


Pool Party ( Again ) Anyone ?

By now, you’ve all become familiar with the Dodgers pool party that took place last season after clinching the NL West at Chase Field. We all know that not everyone, particularly those in the DBacks organization, we’re none to thrilled about The Blue’s ” Pool Party ” .

Senator McCain even went so far as to call the Dodgers out for their actions , to which Brian Wilson tweeted…

So this past week, a buddy of mine decides to wear a shirt he has made in reference to last season’s pool celebration. Armando Mendoza, @daadozer on twitter and instagram, was asked during this past Tuesday’s game to turn his shirt over inside out…

Of course in this day of social media where nothing is a secret, this made more than headline news . Unfortunately, this is NOT the first time the Arizona Diamondbacks organization has gone to such lengths to prevent Dodgers fans from wearing their favorite blue attire .

However, thanks to the power of social media and the help of other fellow Dodger fans and fansites such as DodgersBeat and the Dodgers-LowDown among many who helped out a fellow Dodger fan, sanity prevailed and the shirt was allowed to be worn in it’s proper position. As for the shirt…

Here is the link as to where you can purchase the same shirt Armando wore. Oh yeah, you don’t have to be an Arizona native Dodger fan to proudly sport it…

Also, with the upcoming Labor Day weekend, check out his twitter handle @daadozer and thank Armando not only for being a hard core Dodger fan but also thank this former U.S. Marine corporal for helping protect our country as well. Perhaps the Diamondback organization could do a pre-game honor in recognition for his military work for all the commotion they have created ?

dodgerfans Hey Mando, you had our country’s back, Eric from the Dodgers Low-Down and I got your’s.

MandoNJessica Hope to see you and the wifey here in October…


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