Magic Number Fun Facts… 15, Never Forget…


Shawn Green would don the Dodger Blue from 2000 to 2004. In 2001 Shawn Green would set a franchise record by slugging 49 home runs in a single season. In 2002 he would set a Major League record by recording 19 total bases on May 23, slugging 4 home runs in a single game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park. I often felt that Andre Ethier and Shawn Green had a lot of similarities between them except for the fact that Shawn kept his emotions to himself and Andre wore his emotions. Another fun fact about Shawn Green. His walkup tune, Song 2, the WooHoo song, by Blur, and the 40,000 plus fans yelling in unison…WOO-HOO !!!…

With Shawn Green at the Heal the Bay Beach Cleanup, February 2011.

Other Notable Dodgers Who Wore 15

Davey Lopez
Rafael Furcal

9/11 Ballpark Tributes

13 years ago today, our country, our pride came under attack. 9/11 is a day we shall, and will never forget. A day at the ballgame has always been a place for us to escape our everyday realities even if for just 3 hours. A day at the ballgame has especially been a place where we welcome with open arms those who have served, those who serve today, and the local law enforcement and firefighters who do their best to protect us. Here are some ballpark pics from Dodger Stadium and PETCO Park that pay tribute to those who put their lives for the purpose of protecting us …




wpid-img_3157854408271.jpeg Opening Day, 2009

wpid-img_2888046839249.jpeg Opening Day, 2010

wpid-img_2946581495125.jpeg Opening Day, 2011

wpid-img_3106159734081.jpeg With Mr. Rick Monday.   Aside from rescuing the U.S. Flag, Rick Monday once served in the U.S. Marine Corps

wpid-img_3076282120777.jpeg  Opening Day, 2002.  The first Opening Day , post 9/11 .  Local law enforcement and firefighters about to unveil the United States shaped flag


wpid-20140831_125022.jpg USS Midway exhibit from the right field concourse of PETCO Park in San Diego.


wpid-20140831_141205.jpg Military Sunday at PETCO Park, 8/31.  Military Sunday has been a longstanding tradition for every Sunday Padres home game

wpid-20140831_163620.jpg U.S. Marine Corps, PETCO Park, 8/31


wpid-img_682637649051.jpeg Never Forget…

wpid-img_1467354541985.jpeg Some final thoughts…





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