Battle For The West

RIVALRY What more needs to be said ? 

wpid-screenshot_2014-09-12-12-57-07.png 2 games is all that separates the 2 longtime rivals, who will meet 6 times during the Dodgers remaining 16 games.  If the good lords of baseball have their way, we will see more from these 2 come October.  The Giants hold a slight edge over the Dodgers 7 games to 6 heading into this weekends series, however, in games that Ryu, Greinke, and Kershaw have pitched, the Dodgers hold a commanding 6-2 edge over the hated ones, including their more recent 3 game sweep at AT&T park in late July , when Mattingly set up the rotation as he has for this weekend with the big 3.  The Giants are a different team this time around than they we’re in late July, a fact not lost among the Bay Area locals .  Here’s a recap of how the two have fared against each other leading up to this weekends Battle By The Bay…

April , Giants Take Two of Three in Both Series

In the series opener at Dodger Stadium, the Giants we’re clearly the dominant team in taking  2 of 3 here in L.A. before Zack Greinke and company would take the 3rd game.  In the previous 2 games, the Giants had outscored the Dodgers 15-6.  In the 2nd meeting between these 2 up north, pitching would dominate the series as each game was decided by 1 run, with neither team scoring more than 3 in any of the 3 games .

May, Giants Continue Their Roll at Dodger Stadium 

In taking 3 of 4 from the Dodgers , the Giants would send notice that if the Dodgers are going to win the NL West, it would not be a runaway.  It should be noted, however, that 2 of the 3 wins came in extra innings .  wpid-img_2148761485211.jpeg Just in case anyone thought the rivalry was dead …

July, A Blue Fog Sweeps Through The Bay

With Don Mattingly setting up his rotation of Greinke, Kershaw and Ryu much like he has for this weekend, only this time around it will be Ryu, Greinke and Kershaw, the Dodgers would be the ones doing the heavy lifting, sweeping the 3 game series at AT&T Park by a combined score of 17-4 .  The Dodgers would leave AT&T Park with a 1.5 game lead, a lead that was as big as 5.5 games.  However, as we all know, baseball is a marathon, and at any point in the season, any team can go into a slump.  Right now, both teams carry a bit of momentum into this huge 3 game series.

Down Memory Lane With Dre…


Trailing the Atlanta Braves by one game going into the final game of the season, the Dodgers would not only have to beat the Giants at Candlestick Park, but would need for the Braves to lose their season finale to the Padres down south.  Well, one of the two would happen.  Unfortunately, Joe Morgan would foil any plans for a Dodger repeat of their 1981 glory, as he would belt a Terry Forster 1-2 fastball over the right field fence, setting off a frenzy at Candlestick as the Dodgers would lose to the hated ones 5-3, finishing one game behind the Braves for the NL West title. 

Morgan_Clark Joe Morgan being greeted by Jack Clark after derailing any hopes of a Dodger repeat as a dejected Terry Forster stares out toward right field.  3 years after this moment, it would be Jack Clarks turn to break this writers heart. 

MARLZ_JOSE To my fellow Boys of Summer, Kid Marly Marlz ( Yup, he’s baaaaack again as usual folks…) and Jose.  Yeah, I see how it goes since you two either we’re not around or still in the crib as Viejo Dre here was going through 2 of his more traumatic moment’s in his childhood day’s as a Dodger fan ( Pleas excuse Dre’s do-rag folks…)  The dude behind us probably I’m sure has experienced more heartbreak…


Once again, heading into the final weekend at Candlestick, with the Dodgers tied for first in the NL West with the Braves, this time it would be Will Clark who would get in the way of the Dodgers playing October baseball as the Dodgers would once again finish one game behind the Braves for the NL West crown .  Of course Will Clark would take great joy in this .


In the final division race before the wild-card, the Giants, having already won 103 games, would need to beat the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium to set up a one game playoff with the Braves at Candlestick Park for the NL West crown.  This time, it would be The Boys in Blue who would knock the hated one’s out of October baseball as Mike Piazza would crush 2 home runs en route to his 1993 ROY Award , sending the hated one’s packing after a 11-1 shellacking.

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Mike Piazza being greeted at home plate by  Tim Wallach after smashing his 2nd home run of the final game of 1993, in which the Dodgers would knock the 103 win Giants out of the playoffs 

Oh yeah,  Dre here would enjoy every moment of this .  Another memory from that final game of 1993, among other memorable Dodgers/Giants moments , is of Nancy Bea serenating the hated ones during the 6th inning, with Georgia on My Mind ( In reference to the Braves ), Do You Know the Way to San Jose in the 8th, and finally , after the game, I Left My Heart, In San Francisco .

nancybea  Me with Nancy Bea .  Tothis day you sure know how to pick a tune…

So what memories lie ahead of us as these two longtime rivals go at it in The Wild Wild West.  It’s time to paint the bay…BLUE !!!!

bayblue LETS GO DODGERS !!!






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