Magic Number Fun Facts…9

wpid-screenshot_2014-09-15-22-35-05.png Tonight, we turn our Magic Number Fun Fact toward Juan Pierre. Juan would don the Dodger Blue for 3 seasons from 2007 to 2009.   In his time wearing the Blue, Juan would move between center and left field.  In 2007, he would play in all 162 game , leading the league with 164 singles as well as finishing 2nd in the NL with 64 stolen bases.  From 2008 to 2009, Pierre’s playing time would somewhat diminish with the ill-fated addition of Andruw Jones and later the arrival of Manny Ramirez.  During Ramirez’s 50 game suspension in 2009, Juan Pierre would fill in nicely for Manny until his return from his suspension, reducing his role once again as a backup player.  Not once did Juan Pierre ever make such a fuss and for his hard work and humble dedication, he would win over  the hearts of many a Dodger fan.  

2095052302_df7a5a9259_o Camera Day, 2007.  Juan Pierre was more than a fan favorite…

With the magic number at 9, Sunday is the earliest The Blue can clinch the NL West.  The Dodgers currently are clinging to a 2 game lead over the Giants.

Other Dodgers Who Wore Number 9

Wally Moon

Greg Brock

Mickey Hatcher

Marquis Grissom

And of course…

LOS ANGELES DODGERS V COLORADO ROCKIES Thats a lot of speed in that number 9 jersey between Juan Piere and Dee Gordon…


Earlier today , it was announced that the Dodgers Route of Champions will be making some off-season detours , moving their Triple A operation from Albuquerque to Oklahoma City, as well as their Double A operation from Chattanooga to Tulsa, separating the two upper class minor league affiliates by only approximately 100 miles.  Taking over the Dodgers in Albuquerque will be the Colorado Rockies, with the Minnesota Twins taking over operation in Chatanooga  .  Minor League affiliations change all the time for various reasons and though the Dodgers have had an outstanding relationship over the years with Albuquerque and the natives, the move makes perfect sense .  The Dodgers will be closer toward sea level altitudes, giving a more realistic outlook on potential prospects, and the Rockies, well,  with Albuquerque’s altitude, Isotopes Park is a perfect fit for them as well.

HOMER_JOSH Road trip to OKC next year Josh ?  Heck, let’s bring Homer…

HOMER_DREI Upon receiving today’s news the Dodgers Triple A affiliation will now be in OKC, Homer… ” DOH !!! “.  It’s OK Homer, we know you’ll always be loyal to The Blue…

One Big Happy Family ?

By now, you’ve all heard the fuss that occurred Monday evening between Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig .  Guess what folks, stuff like this happens all the time.  We may not hear about it as often as some of you would like, but stuff like this has been going on before even this writer was born, as Don Mattingly would point out the 1972 A’s as a good example .  As I have even pointed out in the past, team chemistry issues are nothing new  .

Putting a Hold on The Bubbles

As Yasiel Puig ended his homerless drought in last night’s defeat, and with Darwin Barney blasting a solo shot in today’s back to back drubbing from the Rockies , you may have noticed that there was no Foam Party to be found .  As much fun as the foam party has been, ( trust me, i’ve really enjoyed them ) , the fact the party was put on mute during the late innings of back to back beat-downs has convinced me that while bubbles are all fun and games, there’s still some games that need to be won as The Blue head into October.  If the bubbles had been flowing , I could only assume that many of you out there would be questioning their priorities, of all things.  To be honest with you, I probably would too.  So now, we head to Chi Town with 4 against the Cubbies.  Hopefully, the bubbles will be back flowing again…

Extra Innings with Kid N Drei

BUBBLES1 With the Blue trailing big earlier today, Drei thought it’d be a good idea to take Kid Marly Marlz to the park.  In spite of the 16-2 trouncing from the Rockies, Marlz still wanted to throw a Foam Party…

BUBBLES2  Hey kid !  The Foam Party is only for home runs and wins.  Hey Kid…

BUBBLES3 KID !!!!!    Ah, nevermind.  Who’s Drei to take away Kid Marlz Foam Party at the little kids park…  







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