Magic Number Fun Facts…8 , and Dre’s First Taste of a Long Rivalry

ROSEBORO Johnny Roseboro

Johnny Roseboro would spend 11 seasons behind the dish donning the Dodger Blue from their final year in Brooklyn in 1957 through 1967.  He would play in 4 World Series teams in 1959, 19963, 1965 and 1966, with the Dodgers winning in all but 1966.  Roseboro would hit a key home run in Game 1 of the 1963 World Series off Yankees starter Whitey Ford as the Dodgers behind 15 strikeouts from Sandy Koufax would take Game 1 of the 1963 World Series in New York en route to a 4 game sweep of the Yankees.

Of course, when Johnny Roseboro is mentioned to a Dodger fan who knows their history, or any baseball fan of great historic knowledge, they always think of this incident with Juan Marichal at Candlestick Park on August 22, 1965…


Being the Dodger fan that I am, when I first learned of this incident as a kid sometime in the 80’s, as my ” hatred ” toward baseball teams in Halloween colors developed, I couldn’t help but to hate Juan Marichal.  In fact, one would think it’s our duty as Dodger fans to hate the Black and Orange .  Here’s an account of what happened on that Sunday afternoon in Candlestick Park on August 22, 1965 from Bob Costas and longtime Dodger nemesis Juan Marichal…

As Drei here would get older and have a greater appreciation of the game ( That’s not to say my hatred toward the Jints has died down…LOL ) , I would have a better understanding of the story behind that gruesome Sunday afternoon in 1965.  As the years passed by and time would heal the wounds, Roseboro and Marichal would eventually bury the hatchet and become close friends. 


Juan Marichal would miss making it to the Hall of Fame in his first two attempts after retiring from the game in 1975, ironically with the Dodgers.  It’s been said that the incident with Roseboro had a lot to do with the writers leaving him out of Cooperstown.  It’s also been said that Roseboro played an important role with helping Marichal reach the HOF in 1982, asking the writers to forgive Marichal for what happened in 1965.  When Johnny Roseboro passed away in 2002, Juan Marichal was asked to deliver a eulogy during Roseboro’s funeral.  In the end, the story of Johnny Roseboro and Juan Marichal became  A Story of Forgiveness and Redemption .

Other Dodgers Who Wore Number 8

Reggie Smith

Mark Grudzielanek

Olmedo Saenz

Shane Victorino ( If only for a cup of coffee, if that folks…)

Looking Back at 1982, A Daunting Memory and My First Taste of a Rivalry

Earlier this evening , as the Dodgers we’re trailing 4-1 heading into the 6th, with the last 2 losses at Colorado by wide margins still fresh on my mind, I couldn’t help but think could this be 3 in a row for the Blue ?  This certainly is not the right time to go into a tailspin.  This took me back to my childhood once again in 1982.  The Dodgers , 3 up  in the NL West over the Braves with 10 to play, would pick a bad time to go on a losing streak, losing 8 in a row ( the streak had started before the 153rd game ), until finally defeating the Braves in the final home game of the season before heading up north ( yup ) for a key 3 game series with the hated ones.  By then, the Dodgers had fallen one game behind Atlanta for the west and we’re in a 2nd place tie with the Giants. 

The Dodgers would take the first two games at Candlestick, with future Dodger broadcaster  Rick Monday hitting an 8th inning Grand Slam in the Friday night matchup en route to a 4-0 victory, and a 15-2 whitewash the following Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately, the Braves would win their first 2 in San Diego, leaving the Dodgers still 1 back of the Georgians heading to the final game of the season.  Needing to win and some help from our neighbors down south, the Dodgers would get that help as the Padres would defeat the Braves.  Beat the Giants, and a one game playoff for the division takes place the next day.  However, it was not meant to be as Joe Morgan would give this kid his first taste of a long and storied rivalry, one that continues to this day…

Morgan_Clark Joe Morgan being greeted by Jack Clark at home plate as Terry Forster looks out toward right field in disbelief.  Jack Clark would inflict more pain 3 years later as a Cardinal.  ( Why do I put myself through this kind of pain ? )

MARLZ_JOSE Back at it with The Boyz of Summer, Kid Marly Marls and JJ.  Uh-huh.  Yeah, of course you two were not around in ’82 and were still in the crib in ’85 so you wouldn’t know the pain Viejo here would go through. But do you guys remember this from 1988…

1988 Yeah, I’m sure you remember what happened in 1988 when you two were, 5 ?  OK, it has been 26 years and we’re long overdue….





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