Not the greatest of video quality, but hey, it’s our nonetheless, and we we’re there to witness it !!!  From high up in the right field reserve level, our 2014 NL West Champion Los Angeles Dodgers !!! 

It certainly was quite another season.  One that started in another continent.  One that started off slowly .  For the 2nd straight season the Dodgers would show that the NL West race would not be a runaway in spite what many predicted.  For the 2nd straight season, the Dodgers would find themselves as far back as 9.5 games.  It’s amazing the short memories the so-called experts have, apparently not aware or dismissing last season’s story which also found the Dodgers as far back as 9.5 games.  I’m sure many of you remember this from the good folks of ESPN’s Baseball Tonight… 

You may even remember this piece from Bob Nightengale of USA Today , calling out the Dodgers on their team chemistry, or lack thereof, to which some amateur blogger here responded… Team Chemistry Issues. Nothing New Here .  Coincidence or not, the Dodgers would go 17-7 after this amateur bloggers rebuttal regarding the over-emphasis of team chemistry.   There we’re also those that we’re on the verge of running Matt Kemp out of town, and once again, some amateur blogger here asked, what’s with Our Love/Hate Relationship With Matt Kemp ?  That all seems like a well distant memory now, doesn’t it ?  

It was quite a ride for all of us once again.  Rightfully, many of us feel that Clayton Kershaw should not only be the Cy Young Award winner but the baseball’s MVP as well .  

But, and I may get some debate for this.  This is still Matt Kemp’s team.  Kemp may not be the player he was just 3 season’s ago, but his 2nd half performance has re-affirmed that Matt’s swag is back.  Kershaw may, no, Kershaw is our MVP, but it’s Matt that will be playing starting in every game through late October ( Yes, I’m saying it right now folks….LATE OCTOBER ! )    I’ve said it before, I’ll keep saying it into late October… Lead the Way For Us Bison !!!  You, Kershaw, and Dre have been here before, Drei here says… THE TIME IS NOW !!!  

Baseball in October.

 ” It’s The Most, Wonderful Time of the Year…” 


9th Inning From Drei …

DA BOYZ With My Boyz of Summer, Kid Marly Marlz and JJ, at PETCO Park, 8/31/2014.  Ready for October baseball boyz ?



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