Drei’s Random Bits…

R.I.P. Oscar Taveras


The baseball family mourns the loss of Oscar Taveras , whose life was tragically cut short early Sunday in an automobile accident….  

I’m sure many of you Dodger fans have sneaked a peak or two at this year’s Fall Classic.  I’m sure many of you enjoyed tonight’s  10-0 thrashing of the Giants from the Kansas City Royals , forcing a decisive 7th game to this years World Series, for those who care to tune in tomorrow night…

Looking Back on One of Drei’s Favorite Moments of 2014

In spite of the disappointing ending to the 2014 season, this was still, for me at least, a very memorable season.  Be it the usual routine at The Ravine, to sharing with you all my first person account of my experiences this past season, even attempting to throw some humorous and funny posts at you, to sharing my fun-filled baseball themed birthday, 2014 had plenty of memories for me.  One of my favorite moments ?  The night we clinched the NL West .  Yeah, it would have been nice if clinching the NL West wasn’t the high point of the season, but to have been there that night to experience it ?    Here’s a look back at that fun-filled evening with a light-hearted approach from with a little help from Drei’s Tales… The Magic of The Rally Pet Minion Dave 


Featuring our Pet Minion Dave.  

That was of course one of many posts I was happy to present to you , my readers, all season long, as you have helped me reach the MLBlog Central Top 50 Fan Posts four times this season, and soon to be 5 !  With that, Drei here says… THANK YOU !!!


Hopefully, at this time next year, the Thank You card says more than just NL West Champs…

9th Inning…

There was always a reason why Betty White was my favorite Golden Girl, as she discusses why she won’t cheer for the Giants.  This is from 2010…


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