A Night To Honor 42

During last night’s UCLA-USC game at the Rose Bowl, where UCLA for the 3rd straight season came out victorious 38-20, before the start of the 2nd quarter, Dodger and UCLA legend Jackie Robinson was honored with a ceremony celebrating the 75th anniversary of his arrival to the Westwood campus .  Although Jackie would wear number 28 in his days as a Bruin, the number 42 has been retired throughout all UCLA athletics and his number will be prominently displayed throughout each athletic venue .  3 current UCLA athletes will continue to wear the number 42 until they graduate, just as Mariano Rivera did for the Yankees until his recent retirement.  DREI_SKIP

Me with former UCLA running back Skip Hicks, who donned the number 42 in his day…

With the number 42 now permanently retired throughout all UCLA athletics, the number 42 jersey I have displayed with Skip Hicks certainly means that much more to me now, as from this point forward, I can now say that I have a piece of history that not only has a permanent fixture throughout all athletic departments and throughout UCLA, but a piece of history that celebrates the many accomplishments not only on the field but beyond as well. 


In front of his mural, located in Jackie Robinson Stadium, where the UCLA baseball team plays it’s home games


Proudly displaying 42 for both the Dodger Blue and the UCLA Blue and Gold…

Who Runs L.A. ?

Last night’s dominant display the UCLA over USC would have definitely made Jackie proud.  With UCLA’s 38-20 victory over USC , it is obvious right now that at this moment, UCLA currently runs L.A.


And to make it official, we crown The Victory Bell with a touch of Dodger Blue.  Oh would Jackie be so proud…. 

A very happy day for both of Jackie’s one time affiliations….


And on one final note, many thank to all of you who have read and followed my posts throughout the entire year. Drei here would like to wish all of you a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. 



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