Drei’s SUN-DAY FUN-DREI Ballpark Tale From The Ravine… A Birthday Tale With Kid Marly Marlz

Spring Training…Leading Off…

They don’t call me DodgerDrei for no reason, for DodgerDrei is always happy to spend some quality time with his newborn niece Toia. After all, it’s always good to start ’em young, right ?

32 And Still a Kid…

Featuring, As Always…

Marlz_Bday PicThe Birthday Boy… The Kid At Heart…KID MARLY MARLZ !!!

Tonight’s number…

Dodgers_32What could possibly be a better place to celebrate a birthday than at Chavez Ravine ? Especially against the hated ones ? 

The night would start and end on top of The Ravine by the number 32, the number once worn by Dodger legend Sandy Koufax . The idea of doing a Dodger themed birthday based around a retired number was actually suggested to me by another buddy of mine.

Toia_Uncle Drei Toia: ” Uncle Drei, does that mean when I turn 1, you’re going to throw me a Dodger themed birthday ? “

Pee Wee Reese

Drei: You know Toia, when your Uncle Drei does throw you your first Dodger birthday, some storyteller named Vin will be talking about what a precious little thing you are, with ” Not a Care In The World…”

With Kid Marlz about to turn the Big 3-2, with Kid Marlz being, well… you’ll see why he’s called Kid Marlz, and with the hated one’s from up north in town, what other way could a Kid, even this Big Kid, celebrate his birthday ?  It’s always great that even the Magic Castle up on Chavez Ravine ( What Magic Castle did you all think I was talking about ? ) is one where, here goes, a Kid…..This Kid….. The heck, KIDS OF ALL AGES …A Kid Can Be a Kid..

Marlz_Top of Park Before the GameKid N Drei, or My Chemical Bromance ? Uh, I think we’ll stick with Kid N Drei…Hey Kid, the big 3-2 is coming soon kid !!!

After starting off the night at the Big 3-2, we make our way inside The Ravine with Kid Marly Marlz and friends, including his mascot buddies. As for a retired number Dodger theme for Drei, Double D here has two more numbers left to look forward to ( I’ll let you all guess which numbers and yes, Double D ‘s age is up there…) So, how does a ” Kid ” celebrate his birthday at that Magic Castle we call…Chavez Ravine ?

Marlz_Minion Dave Hey Kid, Drei here see’s that you brought back the 2014 Foam Party and your favorite pet Minion Dave 

As for the Action on the Diamond against The Hated Ones…

A win over the hated ones always does make a great birthday gift, right Kid ?

And what better way to WALK OFF this recent homestand than with this…

You may have been a little one when The Blue last won the World Series Kid, but this year really could be our year !!! Drei’s only been saying that the last 26 years…

Kid Marlz_West Side Kid Marly Marlz reppin’ the WEST SIDE …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was quite an enjoyable night that started and ended at 32. Perhaps this could give some of you Dodger or baseball fans an idea what kind of baseball themed birthday celebration you could throw for a buddy or loved one of yours. What’s up next from Kid N Drei ? Stay tuned… ‘Til The Next Episode

Marlz_BubblesLooks like Kid Marly Marlz wants the BUBBLES to keep flowin’ through 2015…

Marlz_Cindy n Bday wrapLooks like Cindy really enjoy’s the Kid in Kid Marly Marlz…

Marlz_1983 25thMy Chemical Bromance ? As much as Cindy loved that, I think we’ll stick with Kid N Drei… Never a dull moment with you Kid…

Marlz_32 N Drei Even if you are and will always be… FOREVER A KID…KID AT HEART…Drei can’t believe you’ll be turning the BiG 3-2….



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