A Tribute to Urban Lights

urban lights_drei Many of you resident Angelenos and tourists who have cruised down Wilshire Blvd through Mid-City have undoubtedly notice a bank of cast iron street lights outside of the LACMA, snapping pictures/selfies of various posses. Recently Chris Burden, the man behind the lights, known as Urban Lights, passed away at the age of 69. Countless visitors have taken their share of photos since it’s inception in 2008. Here are 3 pics of mine I snapped, with of course a Dodger theme Urban Lights_Vin Scully A Very Good Afternoon wherever you may be… Urban LIghts_Puig Mini Puig strolling through and pointing toward the lights… Urban Lights_night Taken in February 2012 sometime in the early morning as the rock for Levitated Mass was making it’s way down Wilshire Blvd  Urban Lights A Touch of Blue…

Rocky Forecast Ahead ?

With the Rockies coming in for 4, the forecast for Thursday and Friday is calling for some rain in the southland. The Dodgers recently had a game postponed over the weekend in Colorado while the Rockies have already endured 4 rainouts already. Since opening in 1962, Dodger Stadium has had a minuscule 17 games rained out in it’s 53 year existence, the most recent being in 2000 against the Astros. 

4/21/67 vs StL
4/12/76 vs SD
9/10/76 vs Atl
9/11/76 vs Atl
5/8/77 vs Phil
5/9/77 vs Phil
8/17/77 vs SF
4/15/78 vs Atl
9/5/78 vs SF
4/11/82 vs SD
8/18/83 vs NY
9/24/86 vs SD
4/19/88 vs SD
4/20/88 vs SD
4/21/88 vs SD
4/11/99 vs Col
4/17/00 vs Hou

More Rare Dodger Stadium Numbers…

On Tuesday, Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins became only the 4th player to launch a home run outside of Dodger Stadium. As a fan, I also have that rare feat of saying i’ve seen two of those, the most recent being McGwire’s blast in ’99 when Big Mac was with the Red Birds…

Giancarlo Stanton Miami 475 feet Mike Bolsinger Left field May 12, 2015
Mark McGwire St. Louis 483 feet Jamie Arnold Left-center May 22, 1999
Mike Piazza Dodgers 478 feet Frank Castillo (Col) Left field Sept. 21, 1997
Willie Stargell Pittsburgh 470 feet Andy Messersmith Right field May 8, 1973
Willie Stargell Pittsburgh 506 ft., 6 in. Alan Foster Right field Aug. 5, 1969

9th Inning…

Story time, from the greatest baseball story teller himself…

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